clean burning coal replacment fuel extends the life of the plant

Green Energy Technology Considerations

Because coal plants are already connected to the power grid, by replacing coal with clean-burning, carbon neutral biocoal, their useful lives are extended. Other green energy technologies such as wind, solar, and traditional biomass (white pellet) power come with their own economic and environmental impacts.

  • Infrastructure Costs –  When wind and solar farms or biomass power plants are built, they must be connected to the electric power grid. It costs at least $1 million per mile to do this.

  • Environment Impact – Wind farms can seriously impact bird migration routes, as well as habitat for other wildlife.

  • White Pellets vs Biocoal – Raw pellets contain 30% less energy than biocoal, and are much more expensive to ship and store because they are not water resistant. For this reason, biocoal will replace raw pellets as the biomass fuel of choice for export.