Replacing Coal with HM3BiocoalTM

Replacing coal with clean burning, carbon neutral HM3BiocoalTM extends the life of an existing coal plant. No material modifications are required to begin mixing HM3BiocoalTM with coal. It can be mixed with coal at any proportion up to 100%.

  • Mercury and sulfur emissions eliminated – Essentially no sulfur or mercury is contained in exhaust gases upon combustion of  TorrB® biocoal.

  • NOx Emissions greatly reduced – NOx emissions are reduced by more than 50%.

  • Same Power Production Rate as Coal – Power production remains the same as with coal, while use of  white pellets or raw wood in any form substantially reduces power production.

  • Uses existing pulverizer – No material modifications needed to start using TorrB® biocoal.

  • Ships and Handles Like Coal – TorrB® biocoal arrives in open hopper cars and can be stored outdoors without cover, just like coal.

  • No Adverse Effects on Boiler – Test burns of TorrB® biocoal in the coal boiler shows it burns like coal with no material negative impacts.

Our approach
TorrB® biocoal replaces coal