Biocoal from Forest Waste

HM3 Energy produces biocoal from forest waste and other biomass. HM3 Energy’s patented technology is so energy-efficient and cost-effective, its TorrB® biocoal competes with white pellets as drop-in coal replacement fuel.

  • Carbon Neutral – TorrB® bicoal is carbon neutral fuel that produces no mercury or sulfur emissions.

  • High Btu Content – TorrB® biocoal has the same energy as coal and 30% more than white pellets.

  • Water Resistant – Shipping and storage costs are substantially reduced compared to white pellets.

  • Grinds like Coal – White pellets are fibrous and require substantial modifications to the coal plant feeding system. TorrB® biocoal feeds just the way coal does.

  • No Binders  – No additional chemicals are added during production of TorrB® biocoal that can impact the boiler during combustion.

With this advance in torrefaction technology, we predict biocoal will replace white pellets as coal replacement fuel and fuel for new biomass power plants.

Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Reducing Wildfire Risk

Critical thinning operations performed in the forest to restore it to a healthier state helps the forest become more resilient to catastrophic wildfire. Without an end user, the biomass resulting from these thinning operations is typically piled up in huge slash piles and burned. HM3’s technology makes biocoal from the forest waste.

Coal Replacement Fuel

Carbon neutral TorrB® biocoal works as drop-in coal replacement fuel to extend the lives of existing powder coal plants. It also provides a more environmentally friendly and superior alternative to the white pellets for the export market.

Proven Technology

Two years of continuous testing and process improvements in a $4.4 million demonstration facility have resulted in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way to produce biocoal.

Superior Biocoal

Not all biocoal is the same. TorrB® biocoal is demonstrably cheaper to produce than other biocoal. In fact, it even beats white pellets in cost ($/Gigajoule) at the powder (pulverized) coal plant burner tip.


Hardgrove Grindability 


GJ / Metric Ton


Btu / Pound

In the News

2nd Generation Biomass Energy

With recent technological advances, biocoal is poised to become the biomass energy of choice. HM3 Energy is licensing its environmentally friendly, commercially viable biocoal from forest waste technology.

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