Biocoal Made from the Lowest Cost Torrefaction Process

The International Energy Agency names torrefied biomass the cheapest, lowest risk biomass for storage, transport and processing, and also the best form of biomass as a global commodity. ‒ Biomass Magazine, April 2018

The rapidly expanding market of white pellet consumers have been waiting for biocoal to come down in price. HM3BiocoalTM beats white pellets in $/Gj for export to Europe and Asia. HM3 Energy spent ten years carefully developing its lowest cost torrefaction technology, including a three-year demonstration phase  in a 1.5 ton/hour demonstration facility.

  • Streamlined Process  – HM3BiocoalTM technology is the most energy efficient and economical biocoal technology on the market.

  • Waste-to-Energy – Forest, sawmill and agricultural residues can all be used to make HM3BiocoalTM. Clean wood chips can also be used as well.

  • Torrefier – A simple mass flow torrefier with one moving part (a leveler) uses little energy to operate and evenly torrefies feedstock.

  • VOC Destruction – A reliable and simple combustion system destroys VOCs while simultaneously drying the feedstock

  • Densification  – The 200 hp motor briquetting machine produces sturdy biocoal that can withstand shipping long distances. A die temperature control system keeps dies at a constant temperature to ensure uniform product quality.

  • Water Resistance  – Post densification conditioning, with no binders added, results in biocoal that remains sturdy after 24-hour submersion.

Taken together, these technological advances make HM3BiocoalTM Technology the lowest cost torrefaction, producing biocoal that is cheaper than white (raw wood) pellets for the coal replacment fuel export market. HM3BiocoalTM is lower in $/Gigajoule at the coal plant burner tip.
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Lowest cost torrefaction